Self-defence course are usually taught over a period of 10x1 hour sessions in small groups to maximise learning. Our courses centre around awarness and avoiding confrontation. However, we realise that in some cases and some particular environments there is a need for quick practical techniques when avoidance is not possible.

Self defence techniques have to be simple to be effective and even those simple effective techniques are difficult to employ under the severe stress caused by the natural reaction of fear and the biological consequences of this such as the increase in adrenalin.


These courses are based on the Chinese martial art of Chow Gar Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. This art has not been adapted for sport and thefore unlike oher martial arts has retained all the highly effective and dangerous fightining techniques. It may however, take a number of years to learn effectively, so only a small number of techniques will be taught on the course, where the emphasis will be on pre-emptive strikes and techniques in order to allow the defender to hget away from the scene of touble, as quickly and safely as possible. 


You will not learn the more advanced techniques covered in the main style, as although some of these could be taught within the time period it is completely unrealistic to assume they could be employed effectively under pressure in such a short space of time.


Over confidenc or a false sense of securioty could be the most dangerous part of attending a slef defence course, and this is covered in depth during the course. Therte are many self defence courses around, but we strongly believe practicality and a sense of relistic expectation must be an integral part of any self defence course.


Crime and violent assaults are increasing, don't be a victim! Contact us for further details.

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